Director of Academic Programming 

Matisse McKnight

Matisse McKnight is a Denver native a proud Thunderbolt and a graduate of Hampton University graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine and Performing Arts. As an educator, actor, set designer, lighting designer, and playwright for over 20 years. Matisse has combined her passion for education with her love for Fine and Performing Arts to build today's youth into quality community members.

As an educator, Matisse continuously strives to educate and motivate today's youth to be thinkers, dreamers, and achievers. Her mission is to help build the community as a whole. Helping parents and students break social barriers and sustain life skills that will aid them to stay on the path to success. She believes working collaboratively with board members, staff, students, and the community is the key to education and students success.

"Every student comes with a set of strengths and weaknesses that contribute and/or affect their ability to learn. Schools must succeed and function at the highest learning level possible. In order to find a balance, we must start by taking the time to build strong connections with our students. By finding students potential, we can figure out how they best receive information. THGA will assist in building engaging education to push students curiosity and motivation. Education will be exciting and peak natural interest that will grow into new possibilities for all."


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